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11th Apr, 2016 / Sofiann McKerrell
Facebook has updated their branded content policy and ads policy, and offers a new tool that publishers and influencers can use to tag a marketer each time they post a branded content. The move aims to extend a company's branded content business on the social networking site, ensure content attracts multiple views, and leverage paid ads and sponsored posts.
5th Apr, 2016 / Sofiann McKerrell
Google has revamped restrictions on leaving local reviews, removing the Google+ requirement and updating the interface for a simpler and more convenient way to leave reviews. Any type of Google account will be accepted as a ticket to review local businesses while on the search results screen or Google Maps.
31st Mar, 2016 / Sofiann McKerrell
Image Source: Google announced a release of new...
30th Mar, 2016 / Sofiann McKerrell
Google is set to give Adwords a facelift to rejuvenate the 15-year old platform and to make it easy for users to navigate and use. The redesign will enable it to keep up with the changes of the world, including the shift from desktop to mobile. The redesigned platform is set to roll out by the end of 2017.
24th Mar, 2016 / Sofiann McKerrell
In a bid to bring it back at the centre of web search and mobile user experience, Google is developing a third-party keyboard for iOS devices. The new feature is seen as a way to increase web searches coming from iOS devices, particularly the iPhone. When the keyboard will be released is unclear.
22nd Mar, 2016 / Sofiann McKerrell
CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey confirmed that tweets will remain at 140 characters, and any rumours of expansion are completely untrue. Although there will be changes to the online social networking service, the signature number of characters per tweet will be the same. Twitter celebrated its 10th anniversary yesterday.
17th Mar, 2016 / Sofiann McKerrell
Google Maps is up for an upgrade with a dedicated ride-sharing tab to be added, which will be rolled out to Android over the next few days. The new tab will list ride-sharing options, so users can choose which ride is the cheapest, available within the area, and with quick pick-up times. In addition to Uber, other ride-sharing services will be added to five countries.
15th Mar, 2016 / Sofiann McKerrell
Microsoft has upgraded Skype for Web, adding new features for a more viral adoption, and to keep up with newcomers and competitors in the communications sphere. Users can now make landline and mobile calls, watch YouTube videos without leaving Skype, invite non-Skype users to join an ongoing conversation, and get notifications for incoming calls or IM.