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11th Mar, 2016 / Sofiann McKerrell
Social monitoring platform BlabPredicts has transformed itself into a data targeting company that allows agencies, publishers, and brands to do more with the information provided by the firm's dashboard reports. The expanded capability of the new platform provides an opportunity to get maximum results with highly targeted and real-time ads.
8th Mar, 2016 / Sofiann McKerrell
The experimental new podium that has been used by US presidential candidates to interact with the public in real-time and directly though Search is being tested for business use. Rolled out, this will allow organisations to communicate using images, long-form text, and videos directly on Google. Published post can be shared to popular social networks as well.
6th Mar, 2016 / Sofiann McKerrell
Facebook is set to announce in this year's F8 that it will open Facebook Messenger to publishers. Once rolled out, publishers can automatically distribute content through the message app, serving people headlines throughout the day. As one of the biggest mobile messaging apps, publishers would choose Messenger over other apps.
1st Mar, 2016 / Sofiann McKerrell
Mobile websites must deliver a fast user experience, if they are to make a lasting impact and get local consumers to patronise a business. If a site takes even more than just a second longer to load, people would abandon it. So it is no longer enough to just have a mobile-ready website, it must have speed and must provide a positive user experience as well.
29th Feb, 2016 / Sofiann McKerrell
Search marketers received a big blow from Google last week when it announced the removal of text ads appearing on the...
25th Feb, 2016 / Sofiann McKerrell
Image Source: Silicon Beat Instagram has revealed that it now has at least 200,000 advertisers in its...
23rd Feb, 2016 / Sofiann McKerrell
Image Source: Marketing Land Boomtrain has released its email personalisation editor that will now make it easier...
18th Feb, 2016 / Sofiann McKerrell
Microsoft introduces advertisers to the new Bing Network in an effort to provide a platform that provides everyone...