Complete Digital Strategy

An all-encompassing digital strategy allows multiple disciplines and skillsets to come together to form a cohesive and mutually beneficial roadmap for your website.

• Define your website’s goals and align with business objectives.

• Set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics to track all statistics and conversions.

• Audit your website to ensure full technical SEO compliance. Create a plan to improve each element on your website.

• Conduct extensive keyword research on all pages to understand your market potential. Theme each page and the hierarchy of your website to create a site silo.

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• Audit the content of your website. Make sure Google’s algorithms fully understand your website, that all text is fully optimised for your keyword targets, maintains brand tone, and is written to drive conversions.

• Devise a targeted content strategy to cover all keywords you deserve to rank for, and to entice users into taking a desired action.

• Define your inbound and outbound marketing strategy: paid search, social media, e-mail marketing, PR and outreach, native advertising etc.

• Execute > Analyse > Improve. Repeat!

Of course, this is just a barebones digital strategy. The reason Vine Digital’s clients are so successful is the amount of time and effort we put into strategic planning. No single service will bring the return on investment that our clients expect.

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