Tara Wesson
31st May, 2022
With 24 million eCommerce sites on the web today, businesses need to stand out to secure market share. More than ever, it’s important that businesses refine their eCommerce efforts to secure conversions and sales—this can be achieved through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Starting from the basics, here’s how you can stand out in search results with an SEO strategy. Why is SEO so important for eCommerce websites? Whether you’re running a new or established eCommerce website, SEO can help you attract (and keep) visitors on your site. In optimising your website (and key landing...
Yana Krotova
23rd May, 2022
We tend to use the phrase "keyword research" to define all sorts of research work that implies looking at what people are typing into search engines. Keyword research needs to serve a precise purpose, and the research needs to be built around that purpose. Here are three examples of what keyword research can entail at Vine Digital:   Discovery Mode Keyword Research: This is one of the steps we go through when we onboard a new client. It is mandatory for all websites that don't have much historical data as well as for websites that are in very specific markets. Thanks to this...
Sofiann McKerrell
16th May, 2022
These days, one of the best ways in which to rank for highly competitive keywords and drastically increase organic search traffic is to improve your Topical Expertise. Even without acquiring any backlinks! As a side note, I prefer talking about Topical Expertise than Topical Authority, even though topical authority seems to be the most-used terminology in our Industry. I prefer using "Topical Expertise" because this concept is directly connected to the E in E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) which is the framework used in SEO nowadays to get better...
Tara Wesson
31st Mar, 2022
How to Measure Marketing ROI
Truth: any marketing campaign that doesn’t provide value to a business is a waste of time, money, and effort. For this reason, it is important to evaluate campaign performance, so you know whether your marketing efforts are successful or not. Marketing should be data-driven, focusing on efforts that will improve an organization’s bottom line. Sure, several key performance indicators are available to marketers these days, but none is more important than Return on Investment (ROI). Marketing ROI is perhaps the simplest way to determine if a marketing strategy is profitable or not....
Tara Wesson
24th Mar, 2022
Web Accessibility What Is It and What Does It Mean for You
Your website’s design is a crucial element in converting visitors into leads and customers. Even high-quality page content, if displayed poorly, will fail to connect and engage your target audience. You need a website design that’s accessible—something that all users can use without issue. There are web users with impairments that may find web accessibility useful in their day-to-day life. For instance, having captions on videos can help those with hearing problems consume content. Web accessibility is a very real concern in the digital space. Educating yourself on the topic...
Tara Wesson
17th Mar, 2022
Your Comprehensive Guide to Google Analytics 4
If you track your website’s performance with Google Analytics, you need to read this. In October 2020, Google released the 4th iteration of its analytics suite: Google Analytics 4 — GA4. It has since moved on from its previous program Universal Analytics, but some end users are still slow to adopt the new product. Why should you do this? How do you do this? What if you don’t want to? What are the drawbacks? If you’re yet to join the GA4 bandwagon, don’t worry. This article will cover everything you need to know, including: What is Google Analytics 4? The key...
Jonathan Crossfield
16th Mar, 2022
Digital marketing trends to expect in 2022
Every year always begins with hype around new marketing technologies and trends that will supposedly define the year ahead. However, like the “You’ll never see me in that!” fashions that walk down a Parisian catwalk each season, some of the year’s digital marketing trends may take more than twelve months to become practical and relevant to most mainstream marketing strategies – particularly in more conservative industries like healthcare and finance. Yes, we could talk about AI, the Internet of Things or interactive content, which are all definitely things right now. We...
Tara Wesson
16th Feb, 2022
With every technological development, the healthcare industry grows even more competitive. Why? Not only do customers judge the quality of your products and services; they’re also influenced by your online presence, including your website. How easy is it to use? Does it load quickly, and is it easily found on search engines? This is where SEO and user experience comes in. SEO can help healthcare organisations expand their digital presence, reaching new and wider audiences online. While navigating this may seem like a minefield at first, by focusing your efforts on the below strategies...
Tara Wesson
15th Feb, 2022
As a healthcare brand, it is vital to rank well on Google for your branded keywords. You want to be able to outrank any eCommerce retail websites that sell your products. Doing so will allow you to build brand authority, which helps build trust with your target market. This will help you gain new customers while retaining old ones. So, how can you do this? One way is through SEO content expansion, a method that enables you to expand the search visibility of your content. When utilized correctly, you will benefit from improved rankings and, ultimately, more website...