Yana Krotova
20th Oct, 2015

The past week brought on exciting statistical updates for interactive digital marketing. We’ve highlighted five interesting topics that made quite an impression.

1. Twitter’s number of video views has multiplied by a factor of 150 from the previous year, with 90% of this number viewed on mobile. This statistical data was released by the San Francisco-based company during its #VideoNOW conference in New York, held for advertisers last week.

2. According to research by Trendera, a firm dedicated to creative marketing and trend forecasting, there is only a slight difference in the lifestyle preferences in consumers ages 13 and 50.

The firm’s president Liz Gray stated that gone are the days of “impressing consumers with targeted marketing based solely on demographics”. She added that marketing this year is about considering your target audience as fans and not mere customers. Gray urges online marketers to target and understand  the ‘attitudinal and behavioural nuances’ of each age group to engage with them in a way that is more intimate and relevant to their needs and wants.

3. Out of 12 vendors, Adobe was chosen by Gartner as the leader in digital marketing analytics for their product Adobe Analytics, the backbone of Marketing Cloud. The criteria were based on the company’s ability to execute on various aspects, including product or service, sales execution and pricing, overall viability, and market responsiveness among others.

Adobe vice president Bill Ingram says Adobe Analytics tremendously helped them understand their consumer needs, resulting in their ability to “deliver relevant offers, messaging, content, and experiences” tailored for their own customers.

4. Gawker’s native ads get an average two and a half minutes of reading time, as stated in a Digiday report.

Company co-founder Nick Denton said that the traditional ‘interruptive advertising model’ does not sit well with Gawker’s readers any longer because they “don’t want to be sold, they want to be entertained”.  When delivered in the right voice, however, product promotions and native ads can drive readers towards becoming engaged and then buying services or products right after. These ads take on the form of sponsored posts and editorial articles created by the Gawker commerce team.

Gawker’s native ads get a click rate of 2% and an average reading time of 2.5 minutes for every post, which is a just a minute less compared to the average 3.5 minutes of reading time across editorials from Gawker Media.

5. Adobe data also discloses that Facebook ad impressions increased by 10 percent last quarter, compared to that of the second quarter.

What Businesses Can Do Based On Stats

The stats imply that online marketers should focus on the behaviour of their customers to increase engagement between their business and their target audience, as research says most of them want to be treated as friends, not customers. Anticipating their needs and wants plays an important role, and this is possible with the use of a mobile-first digital marketing campaign that also focuses on social media when it comes to ad placement. This allows businesses to take advantage of the huge number of people that use social media networks on a daily basis.

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