Ruth Chapman
12th Jun, 2020
programmatic advertising
Programmatic advertising is a sexy new term being thrown around by marketers and advertising agencies, but it often gets shrouded by a mist of cryptic acronyms that can leave you overwhelmed. So let's cut to the chase and answer this: what is programmatic advertising, and do I need it for my business?   What is Programmatic Advertising?     Instead of looking at Google, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram as individual separate channels, programmatic advertising allows us to buy and measure across all channels as if they are one. Programmatic advertising is a term...
Thomson Jacob
26th May, 2020
web development platform
Whether you are a young professional, a busy mum or an entrepreneur trying to take your business to the next level, a website is a great place to start. In this article, we’ll dive into the strengths and weaknesses of the most popular development platforms so you can decide… which one works for you?   1. Wix Wix is great for beginner users wanting to host a personal site, or set up a front page for a smaller business. The Pros Technical knowledge is not required: simply drag and drop elements onto the website without preset parameters. Wix offers over 500 templates...
Ruth Chapman
1st May, 2020
For anyone who loves getting into the nitty gritty of numbers, the months of March and April sure have been a ride. Data, in such clear language, signifies the ways we as a society behave. When a global pandemic hits, it’s safe to say that the resulting changes in our behaviour will prove enthralling. As much as we’ve loved tracking the rises and falls, we’ve loved celebrating our client’s wins even more. Understanding how to spot opportunities in the data is just one of the things we do for our clients at Vine Digital.   But let’s run you through the facts.  62% of...
Thomson Jacob
16th Apr, 2020
guide to ecommerce
In the current climate, making the move to eCommerce makes sense. According to 2020 statistics from AusPost, Australian eCommerce is growing by 17.2% YOY. Doing it right is important, as it will create many opportunities for your business. But what’s a good plan without a solid base? If you’re thinking about eCommerce, here’s what you need to consider.
Ruth Chapman
30th Mar, 2020
small business
In my experience, small business owners fall into one of two categories. Some are right on top of the newest trends in marketing—digital, social, Adwords, the works. There’s not a marketing buzzword they won’t throw at you in a meeting. The rest are experts in their field and just want to get on with the business of doing what they know best. “Website?” they ask, “yeah, I think we’ve got one of those”. Which category do you fall into? Well this article is for you! Yes, it doesn’t matter which one you are. That’s the whole point. (Made for a nice intro...
Ruth Chapman
11th Mar, 2020
man and woman cartoon
If you search for “SEO company” or similar on Google you will get a barrage of paid ads that look something like this: And it makes my blood boil. SEOs cannot guarantee rankings. Any agencies that do provide such promises are peddling lies to prey upon gullible businesses that simply do not know better. Internet marketing is still a complex and puzzling world for those who did not grow up with it. It’s understandable that the agency that promises results, maybe even going so far as to offer a money-back guarantee (these are scams, just so you know), will always seem more...
Richard Eaves
26th Feb, 2020
ball bouncing
If there’s one thing my clients love talking about, it’s bounce rate. Clients getting excited about anything in analytics is great, unfortunately, I tend to see a bit of over-emphasis on this one metric. So let’s dive into when you should focus on it, when you should not, and, finally, yes we will talk about what a good bounce rate actually looks like (warning: you won’t like my answer). What is bounce rate? Makes sense to start with the basics, right? In very basic terms, bounce rate is the proportion of visitors who land on a page, then leave without clicking on...
Julia Kim
30th Aug, 2019
A great doctor’s bio starts with a great understanding of what the patients are looking for. Sometimes it can be tricky to write a good one. This guide will help you nail the basics of writing up an effective doctor’s bio that can be included in the medical centre’s website, newsletters or in any other publications. A doctor’s bio on a medical centre website is a very important piece of information. It’s a little introduction. The first impression. It’s a blurb about the doctor that describes who they are and what they do. And this piece of information can be the deciding...
Shawn Powrie
17th Jun, 2019
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising websites so that they appear higher in the "organic" (free) listings in Google search results. SEO can be a very effective channel in driving patient visits to medical centres, as patients often search for medical centres in their area using Google and Bing. This article goes over some useful tips and strategies for medical centre practice managers and staff to start the process of optimising their websites to achieve success in SEO. 1. The Business Case -- How Important is Search Marketing for Medical Centres? Let's take a...