Sofiann McKerrell
19th Apr, 2016

In Android’s official blog, Google Play Music announced its integration with podcast. It aims to connect users to podcasts that are representative of what they feel, what they’re interested in, and what they’re doing at the moment.

The podcast section in Google Play Music will offer contextual recommendations, similar to how music is presented in a contextual playlist. This makes it easier for users to find the right podcast, whether they are an aficionado or a first-time listener.

The search giant hopes to expose people to podcasts, especially those that had no idea they were looking for them.

Recommended playlist will also feature a podcast based on a particular topic a user might be interested in. For example, under the topic “Learning Something New”, users can listen to episodes from relevant shows, such as How to Do Everything and Stuff You Should Know will be featured.

Users only need to subscribe to automatically download the last several episodes on their device. They will also be notified every time a new episode comes out.

The integration with Google Play Music would help separate what the app offers in an already overcrowded market, something that Nick Quah of Hot Pod pointed out, following Google’s initial teaser last October. According to him, the podcasting world often laments discoverability issue of the medium and “its predominant funnelling through the Apple system”. The addition of the podcast section in Google Play Music is definitely a long-awaited announcement.

For Google Play Music’s product manager Elias Roman, the most exciting part is delivering exactly what podcasts a user wants to hear without them pressing the play button. He likened them to how Play Music serves up a playlist based on different moments of users’ lives – where they are, what they listen to before, what time it is and so much more.

The music delivered also vary by activities. It’s different when you start driving, preparing dinner, watching the sunset or getting ready to bed. The same will be done with podcasts moments.

Google has been recruiting podcasters after it revealed plans for the service last October. Since then, the search giant has managed to sign up major broadcast shows such as, WTF by Marc Maron, The Nerdist by Chris Hardwick, and StarTalk Radio by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Podcast creators are encouraged to make their creations available in Google Play Music

Then new podcast section leader is now available to Android users. Those using iOS will have to wait, since the platform has been left out when the new feature was initially rolled out.

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