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A Brief Explanation Of What SEO Means

Most marketing professionals today will refer to the term SEO when describing their work and attempting to attract clients. Clients know that it is important to enjoy high SEO positions, but they probably don’t really know what SEO is, or why it is important. This article will provide some information about what SEO means and why it is important to entrepreneurs and organisations of all types.


It is easy to say that SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, but that short answer is really no answer at all. In an effort to bring some clarity to the term, it is helpful to break down each element of the acronym, so that it can be better understood. The term ‘search’ is defined as ‘to find something by looking or seeking thoroughly and carefully.’ In this particular environment, the search is conducted by someone looking for information about a topic, product, company or other feature.

The ‘engine’ refers to the inner working of the process. The engine is a tool used by Google and the other major players who help searchers find what they are looking for. The engine utilises the terms placed by the users and scours the vast database of websites to find the most likely and important places where the particular term can be found.

Continuing the process of definitions, ‘optimisation’ means placing something is the most favourable position. Because a Google search query might return millions of responses to a specific term, there can be many pages listing the web addresses where the term can be found. The goal of optimisation is to place the web address (URL) in a position where the searcher is most likely to see and click on the link. The goal of every business is to be at the top of the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

In order to have high rankings, the business must rely on several factors, usually accomplished by a professional website designer or marketing professional. Creating a website which is pleasing both to the human accessing it and the robots that look through vast numbers of web pages will take many SEO factors into consideration.

Part of achieving a high ranking depends on awareness of mobile site design. A good design will work on the many mobile devices out there. Site design today must apply both to desktops and mobile devices.

While ensuring that the website and mobile site is fully optimised, it is important for business owners and organisation personnel to avoid forgetting about offline optimisation. This can include print advertising, word-of-mouth, trade fairs and billboards, as well as radio and television.

In summary, the acronym SEO is much more than the sum of its parts. The term refers to both a process and a result. The benefit to the business owner is increased sales, while the customers enjoy quick and accurate access to the information they are looking for. Improving the experience of those using the internet or social media is a constantly evolving process.