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Search Analysis


Search Market Analysis

By leveraging the data and insights in this document, marketers and SEO specialists in the Australian aged care industry can enhance their online strategies and better position their organisations for success in an increasingly competitive market.


Data Sources

Our search market analysis is based on comprehensive data gathered from reputable third-party platforms, including Ahrefs and SEMrush, ensuring a robust foundation for our insights.


Aim of the Document

This document aims to provide valuable insights into the aged care search market, with a particular focus on SEO strategies. These insights will enable marketers in the aged care industry to make well-informed decisions and optimise their online presence.



The focus of our analysis is exclusively on the Australian market, providing a detailed understanding of the search market dynamics and competitive landscape specific to the aged care sector in Australia.

Search Market Scope



+ 1000  

Questions keywords

+ 800000  

Searches per month

+ 1.2   billion

Search results

“Aged Care” Interest over time
January 2004
“Aged Care” Interest over time
June 2023

Aged Care Keyword
Traffic Share

URLPositionTrafficTraffic Share,09480.40%
  • Top-ranking websites are mostly government-affiliated, emphasising the importance of authoritative information in the aged care search market.
  • The top 10 features a mix of private organisations, non-profits, and government services, showcasing the diversity of the aged care search market.
  • Lower-ranking websites can target long-tail keywords and niche topics to compete more effectively and drive traffic. By leveraging these insights, Australian aged care marketers and SEO specialists can refine strategies, enhancing visibility and targeting growth opportunities.

Aged Care
Most Searched Keywords

Insights for Providers and Industry Players
Strategies for Providers
Local vs. General: SEO Strategies
Keyword Keyword Level of DifficultyMonthly Search Volume
my aged care951,000
aged care6219,000
my aged care portal2815,000
aged care near me4812,000
bupa aged care19600
my aged care referral246600
aged care quality and safety commission185200
  • “My Age Care” is a top searched keyword, indicating the demand for quick access to the official online portal
  • High volume searches for broad terms like “aged care” suggest strong interest and demand for information on aged care services in Australia, providing opportunities for providers to offer comprehensive resources.
  • Searches for “aged care near me” indicate a demand for localised and personalised resources, offering providers the chance to offer tailored services that meet individual needs and preferences.
  • These insights suggest that providers in the aged care industry should focus on providing informative and user-friendly websites to meet the informational and navigational search intent.
  • Additionally, providers should prioritise building trust and reputation through content marketing and reviews, as users are likely still in the research phase of their decision-making process.
  • Based on the analysis of the 200 most searched keywords in aged care, in Australia, it appears that a significant portion of search volume is related to local pack results.
  • Overall, this data highlights the importance of both local and general SEO strategies in the aged care industry in Australia.Businesses and organisations that provide aged care services or information should consider optimising their online presence for both local and general search queries to capture the maximum amount of search traffic and potential customers.

Aged Care
Keyword Data

Analysis based on the 1,000 most searched keywords related to “Aged Care”.


Average Search Volume


Average Keyword Difficulty


Average CPC

Icon Insights
  • Low keyword difficulty may indicate low organic search competition, but dominance impacts competition for certain keywords.
  • Businesses targeting government-funded aged care services may face higher competition due to Australians searching through
  • Well-known companies and trusted brands in aged care industry suggest higher competition for certain keywords.
  • Businesses may need creative SEO and advertising strategies to establish online presence and differentiate from competitors.

Aged Care
Other Searched Terms

Icon Insights
  • Search terms for aged care services vary greatly between Australia and the US.
  • In Australia, “aged care” is the top searched keyword with a monthly volume of 19,000, followed by “nursing home” with a volume of 8,000.
  • In the US, “assisted living” is the most searched term with a monthly volume of 119,000, followed by “nursing home” with a volume of 109,000.

Aged Care Industry
Leaders Insights

DomainCommon keywordsShareTraffic,2574,377,733,857,824,586,342
  • Identifying all the key actors can sometimes pose a challenge. However, when it comes to the Aged Care industry, determining this information is a breeze as a single website reigns supreme in the search market –
  • By analysing the domain names that rank for the same keywords as, we can effortlessly compile a comprehensive list of the principal players in the Australian Aged Care sector.

Industry Leaders
SEO Review

Traffic Progression
DomainOrganic traffic,1370,5871,957,834,469,006,879
  • The official Australian government website for aged care,, has the highest organic traffic with 221,370 monthly visits.
  • The website follows with 115,871 monthly visits.
  • Other aged care providers such as Villages, Regis, Bupa, and Blue Care are also present in the top 10, indicating their significant online presence and importance in the aged care industry.
  • The data suggests that people in Australia are actively searching for aged care information and services online, with a significant portion of organic traffic going to websites providing information and resources about aged care.
  • The top 10 aged care websites with the highest amount of monthly organic traffic have seen varied levels of progression in the last 6 months.
  • The domains that have shown the most significant growth in monthly organic traffic are Regis, Bupa Aged Care, Villages, and Aged Care Onl ine, with increases ranging from 13% to over 33%.
  • On the other hand, Blue Care has seen a slight decrease in monthly organic traffic by -1.6%. It is essential to note that the remaining websites, including My Aged Care and Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, have shown a moderate level of growth, with increases ranging from 11% to 12%.

Seo Insights

Regis Aged Care is an established, authoritative website ranking for various keywords.

  • It ranks for numerous SERP elements, such as sitelinks, local packs, and knowledge panels, indicating strong search presence and authority in aged care information.
  • The site ranks well for terms related to aged care, staffing, locations, and careers, with most keywords having low to medium difficulty, suggesting expertise in content and SEO.
  •’s main SEO strength is its strong brand presence in search results, particularly with significant branded terms, indicating users specifically seek Regis for aged care services, resulting in more traffic and enhanced search visibility.

Aged Care SEO
Key Takeaways


Growing Demand for Aged Care Queries in Australia

Monthly search volume for “aged care” keywords approaching 1 million, reaching its highest level, excluding the Covid period.


Dominance of Government Websites and Leading Brands in Search Results

Top search results for most competitive queries occupied by Australian Government websites and leading industry brands, making it challenging for smaller websites and businesses to target these keywords.


Increasing Difficulty in Ranking for Best Keywords

Ranking high for best keywords becoming increasingly difficult for smaller businesses, even for largest brands, due to presence of official sources at top of SERPs, observed in all YMYL health industries.


Fierce Competition for Lower Search Volume Keywords

Anticipation of fierce competition even for keywords with lower search volumes due to rise of cost-effective content creation in bulk with AI, risking outranking by more innovative competitors.


Abundant SEO Opportunities in Aged Care Industry

Despite challenges, opportunities for SEO in Aged Care industry still abundant, with local businesses finding niches and targeting high-value local queries through traditional local SEO work.


Ambitious Content Strategies for Competing with Larger Players

Websites and businesses can adopt ambitious content strategies tailored to Australian audience, as demonstrated by’s success in the industry, to compete with larger players.

Icon Websites seeking SEO success in 2023 should consider the following tactics:
  • Develop topical expertise by producing a wealth of helpful content.
  • Train an AI to answer Australian-specific Aged Care questions via AI chat.
  • Invest in brand marketing to boost brand recognition and improve Google rankings for various topics.

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