Breaking Down a Successful Everything-You-Need-to-Know Healthcare Article

13th Mar, 2023
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Sofiann McKerrell
Product Innovation Director

According to Semrush’s annual State of Content Marketing report, Everything-you-need-to-know” type of article is getting the highest number of unique monthly page views.

Based on our observations in healthcare, comprehensive articles perform best for informational search intents. 

Let’s look at a great example of this type of article in the healthcare space to understand how to compose a successful comprehensive health & wellness article.’s most visited page via Google

According to Ahrefs, Healthline’s most visited page via Google is an article titled Everything You Need to Know About Rashes.

By itself, this page receives nearly 500,000 organic visits per month. It ranks at the top position of Google SERP for the query “skin rash” and for nearly 6,500 other keywords.

Healthline’s article is doing very well in serving many of the different search intents in this long list of queries.

One of the primary search intents we can instantly see when we look at the most searched keywords related to “skin rash” is the need to see pictures.

In the article, all types of rashes have their heading, description, and photo. Each section even has a link pointing to more detailed pages.

We can also assume that many people typing “skin rash” on may search for a quick definition. That is why at the very top of the content, there is an overview section containing a brief definition of a skin rash.

Across the entire article, Healthline keeps covering different types of search intents, such as:

  • What are the causes
  • What are the treatments
  • When to consult a healthcare provider

All these points are connected with the actual questions people ask the most on Google:

It is impossible to answer all the search intents in one article for such a topic. 

That is why Healthline added a handy feature to their article: an infinite scroll showing (as we scroll down) all the other articles related to skin rash.

The outcome might have been the same if Healthline had linked to these articles.

Based on SurferSEO’s tool to analyse SEO optimisations, Healthline’s article content score reaches 78/100.

78 out of 100 is a good score. In my opinion, going over 75 is good enough, in general, to cover most topics, semantically speaking.

According to the same tool, the number of headings needed to build an article comprehensive enough to be a great “everything you need to know” type of article is between 21 and 42.’s article counts 35 headings.

The number of headers and the number of words are great indicators when we try to forecast the level of detail we will need to put into a piece of content.

There are cases where only 5 headings may be required, and in others, more than 50.

The words used in these headings and the copy are much more important than the total number of titles or words used to compose the article.

In this type of article, it is crucial to ensure that enough of these terms, suggested by SurferSEO, are mentioned somewhere in the copy. These terms are what Google expects to find in a piece of content to understand its level of relevance.


To summarise, we can say that to build a comprehensive “everything you need to know” type of article, for healthcare websites, based on what we observed in this example, we need these core elements:

  • Main search intents need to be covered (for users to find the information they are looking for quickly).
  • Supportive and more specific content needs to be connected (for users to dig deeper)
  • A high level of SEO optimisation (for Google to see the content as highly relevant)

Talk to us, if you wish to build successful everything-you-need-to-know types of articles for your healthcare websites.

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