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Successful redesign of three eCommerce stores

Linfield Pacific is the parent company of three brands: and all three websites needed a redesign. While the designs were done by an offshore agency, Vine Digital provided project management services which were essential to the project’s completion.

Case Study at a Glance

  • Linfield Pacific has three websites: and all three required a redesign. Although Vine Digital quoted for the project, we were undercut by an offshore company.
  • Instead, our specialists provided project management services to ensure the new websites’ success. Even when it’s not our own work, we want the best for our clients.
  • The project took a total of six months. The final websites were strong in SEO and their backend functionality, which meant Linfield Pacific could easily manage it themselves.

Linfield Pacific owns three websites: Alcyon, Art Naturals and Safe Flame.

The client’s sites were built in an old and unsupported version of Magento, and they were in need of a modern redesign. Vine Digital had worked with Alcyon previously, so when the opportunity arose to redesign their website, we quoted for all three.

Key Challenges Solved

We were undercut by a factor of ten by an offshore company; however as a trusted digital marketing partner, we were asked to oversee this process. Even though our web design team didn’t get the gig, we were determined to make their sites a success: especially as we were providing additional SEO and PPC services, which relied on having a user-friendly website.

Vine Digital offered project management services, to ensure the project ran as smoothly as it could. It doesn’t matter if it’s our work or another company’s: we want the best quality services for our clients. Linfield’s CEO deserves huge credit for commissioning us to manage this.

To be transparent, Vine’s project management fee was almost the same as the offshore company’s quote for three brand-new websites.


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Elmo Stoop

CEO | Vine Digital – Sydney, Australia

Our Solution

Linfield requested our consultation: even before they signed off on the deal with the offshore company. We were honest, and explained that we wanted it to succeed for such an amazing price… but the design and build’s quality wouldn’t match our own. We also knew that the offshore company’s advised two month turnaround was absurdly optimistic. Our job was to not only manage the project, but to help manage Linfield’s expectations too.

The project took a total of six months, from commencement through to completion. Our team took around 8-10 hours per month to manage the project. There was plenty for us to do: designs to critique, SEO best practices to convey, and bugs to spot and iron out.

The client received three websites that were acceptable for the price they paid, in addition to our services.

Business Impact

As a result of our consulting services, the websites’ on-page SEO was strong. The website’s backend functionality had also improved: meaning the client could more easily manage it themselves. Without Vine Digital, the project would have likely taken 18+ months—with the results being sub-standard.

If you don’t have digital expertise in-house, we strongly advise that major projects are conducted with the guidance of an expert consultant. As it is, Vine Digital has a happy client and the client has a trusted digital agency.


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