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How does
SEO work?

Google drives millions of qualified potential customers to business websites every day.

But SEO is a “winner take all” environment. Only the people who rank consistently on the first page of Google tend to get any attention at all.

SEO is the process of winning the race; taking your place among your competitors on the first page and driving a consistent stream of qualified visitors to your site.

When done correctly, SEO can become a viable, long-term strategy for your business marketing needs.

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SEO is about
business outcomes

We know why you’re here. You’re not here to listen to the geeky details of how Google search works. You’re not here to receive endless “audits” of stuff you should change on your website. You’re here because you want to grow your business organically.

While SEO does involve technical expertise, at the end of the day we know how to speak business language and we are driven to bringing you the best results possible.

seo methodology


We’ve spent years honing our SEO methodology. From all of our experience, we’ve distilled a lot of SEO activities into a simple four-phase framework:

Phase 1: Accessibility and Setup
We ensure your website meets best-practice technical SEO requirements, and ensure we have good data tracking for your goals / KPIs.


Phase 2: Targeting
We structure your website and content in such a way as to clearly capture Google’s various search intent “angles”, making your content more relevant for searchers and improving your ranking. This also includes local SEO.


Phase 3: Content Marketing
We produce useful information for your audience to put in information centres or blogs so as to attract more visitors and inbound linking from other websites.


Phase 4: Outreach
We amplify your content and messaging through our white-hat outreach services, designed to give you broader access to different audiences and backlinks that are valuable for your SEO.

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We’ve had over a hundred SEO clients in our lifetime as a company, including the previous experience of our team members makes that many hundreds more. Here are some of the stories from our happy clients:

case study bubbahood
case study sleep republic
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