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The design of a website plays more than just an aesthetic role; it can be the difference between a session that converts and a session that only lasts as long as it takes to click the ‘back’ button in the browser. The design can also work wonders for brand image, but as with many other digital disciplines, it can have a destructive quality of equal magnitude if done incorrectly.

The key is to balance style with substance, always have the user-experience and conversion goals as high priorities, and give much attention to the content and SEO so it performs well across the digital channels.

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This is How We Do It

• Have numerous meetings to define a business’s core principles, USPs, reasons-for-being, and wishes of the client

• Define the functionality and back-end requirements for the new build

• Conduct a full site silo with keyword research to determine the sitemap and structure

• Apply the same principles to on-page information architecture

• Conduct full content optimisation for maximum uptake on the search engines

• Produce completely customised wireframes and mockups and take several rounds of client feedback

• Sign-off on the designs and content!

• During the build phase, work tirelessly to ensure all analysis tools and programs are set up for the new launch

• Launch!

• Analysis, analysis, analysis

• Deploy month 1 of the full digital strategy

Some of our Amazing Clients