Few business owners today can legitimately choose to ignore the concept and importance of the World Wide Web in marketing, brand awareness and revenue growth. Most business owners – even those who are knowledgeable about their product – know little about how to put together a campaign that actually works. Read on to learn more about a digital agency vs creative agency, and which of the two is more effective in getting a brand or service noticed by the target audience.


It may surprise you to know that there is more than one type of marketing firm professional. Business owners are likely to hear the terms ‘creative’ and ‘digital’ promoted when searching for professional help in a marketing campaign. It is undeniable that businesses of all sizes need help to design and implement an effective marketing campaign. Few business owners are able to accomplish a campaign which will reach the maximum number of potential customers.

A professional campaign will get the business brand noticed and products sold. There are two main types of marketing agencies in the world of the internet. Learning the difference between a creative approach and a digital approach is part of providing the best tools for your business or organisation. Definitions are a good starting point for an informed business owner.

A digital agency is able to provide clients with a comprehensive range of marketing services, including:

  • Marketing consulting
  • Creative services
  • Technical help
  • Strategic development for marketing services and products.

The tools and services which a digital agency provides tends to be more marketing-centric, and include such features as apps, SEM, SEO, content creation, brand development media campaigns and mobile campaigns. These experts also provide social media marketing, online lead generation, email and video marketing and mobile campaigns.

The other major type of agency is the one focused more on creativity. A creative team provides the visual elements and content of the client’s business brand. The professionals do all the design work which is required to market a service, product or firm. More specifically, creative elements include such things as logos, colour schemes, television ads, banners, videos, email and newsletter design, packaging design, copywriting and infographics.

Although these definitions are fairly consistent across the world of marketing, in practice many marketing professionals will blur the lines between creativity and technical tools. This makes it easier for the client who does not want to work with multiple professional teams while getting the brand name recognised by the target audience.

One solution for the busy business owner is to work with a full-service marketing firm. They should have the expertise that’s necessary to prepare and implement a multi-channel strategy. A full-service pro will be able to reach the niche market through a variety of channels and devices.

Choosing an appropriate professional team will depend on the level of expertise that is desired, as well as the various types of disciplines that are to be incorporated into the marketing plan. The bottom line for many business owners is that a digital firm has a much wider range of services available.

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