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1st Nov, 2017 / Sofiann McKerrell
We were expecting it to be released in 2018, it has finally been deployed earlier, as Gary Illyes confirmed at the SMX...
blog merch panel on grey
7th Sep, 2017 / Sofiann McKerrell
Google has finally rolled out inline editing in search, allowing local businesses to manage their listing without leaving Google local search results.
google local website mentions
31st Aug, 2017 / Sofiann McKerrell
Google has recently launched a limited test where local pack snippets show website mentions that match consumer...
google logo red fade
29th Aug, 2017 / Sofiann McKerrell
(Photo by Search Engine Land....
facebook articles with publisher logo
24th Aug, 2017 / Sofiann McKerrell
Facebook is adding a new feature that will allow publishers to add brand logos to article links that will appear in...
online shopping
22nd Aug, 2017 / Sofiann McKerrell
(Photo by Pixabay. New data...
review summary
17th Aug, 2017 / Sofiann McKerrell
At 10:00 AM ET, the ability to leave local reviews on Google Maps started returning errors, such as "The Google Maps...
lsa consumer impressions for brands
15th Aug, 2017 / Sofiann McKerrell
(Screenshot is taken from Google My Business. In a recent study performed by...